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Best Night View in the World

Much to our surprise, Nagasaki City, which we wouldn't dare to say is a large city, has formally recognized as one of the best places where people can admire grand night views in line with Monaco and Hong Kong by General incorporated association YAKEI Convention & Visitors Bureau. The city is so small compared to world known major cities that some people do not still believe the result.

But let us think twice of the stark advantages which the locals have to take pride in. The proponents state with full of joy that the city has rich characteristics as a harbor city; therefore its undulating terrines enable us to glimpse different expressions of the city, depending on where you stand to look.

One of the most well known points to look down on the city is the observatory on top of Mt. Inasa with a height of 333 meters. The Nagasaki Ropeway and the recently equipped fancy Slope Car allow visitors to travel to the top while you can overlook Nagasaki City.

Another popular point is called Mt. Nabekammuri, whose observatory was renewed and now is approximately 4 times as large as it used to be, which enables visitors to watch a gigantic cruise ship come in to the Nagasaki Port with much more ease. Compared to Mt. Inasa, because the height of the mountain is just as half, you can feel you are standing closer to the city. You can find the state-of-the-art Giant Cantilever Crane registered as World Heritage, the Megami Ohashi (literally Venus big bridge) and even Gunkan Island far away.

Giant Cantilever Cranes

We just named only a few here.

Do you know any interesting places or anyways to enjoy Nagasaki's night view? If you do, please feel free to contact us and leave your comment.









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