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Nagasaki Station Renewed

If you compare the current station to the old one, you can see the shopping complex called Amu Plaza and parking areas used to be the place where the whole trains came in and went out. This time, the area is all going to be a whole new Nagasaki Station with elevated railroads. When it started to operate, Nagasaki City used to be the largest city and serve as an international entrance.

The huge canopy that covers the square in front of Nagasaki Station will also be removed. It is worth taking a picture or two so as not to forget the scene and to remember these days when we are now living.

Nagasaki Station was opened in 1897 and saw several scale-down over time. Overall it lasts for more than 120 years without changing platforms. It was not until the national railway stopped operating that there were freight and port trains such as Fuji, which was formerly operated between Tokyo and Oita, chugging back and forth between Nagasaki Station and Nagasaki Minato Station that has a port nearby that welcomed ships bound for Shanghai.

On the last day of operation of the "Old" Nagasaki Station, more than a hundred of people gathered to say goodbye to the station and the trains that were about to put a period of a more-than-a-century-long history.

As of April 2020, passengers have to walk as many as 350 meters to reach the entrance of the renewed Nagasaki Station. It is being said that rails for trams might be laid reaching the new ticket gates.

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