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If you are in the Shiambashi area (the largest entertainment area in Nagasaki) to enjoy your visit, you should eat something really nice first by walking between the two major banks to Teramachi direction. No sooner you start walking than you will find ASA on your right.

At your table you may see the artisans working busily behind the counter. You may feel the “air” that are unexplainable, yet you can feel they are responsible for what they serve in the best possible ways to the customers. It is not until they bring the dish that you realize their food is an art. ASA has many enthusiastic local fans. They know that the artisan’s long and sharp sashimi knives are used properly and professionally to provide them with the most delicious and gorgeously looking fish meat. Early reservation is a must, and without it, you may not be able to find a table.

Their menu is handwritten every day. It means they decide what they should serve after checking what are available. ASA really sticks to the seasonal products. What is recommended is to sit at or near the counter and take a glance at what they have in the showcase fridge. You should see various kinds of sea food. Most are already cut in blocks by the artisans but some still have shells on. They are all edible, of course, and delicious and just be brave enough and point at the food you may want to try. Once you have tried the food here, you would realize what you have been missing for all through your life.






시안바시(思案橋) 전차역에서 식사할 곳을 찾는다면 유흥가와는 반대 방향으로 걸어가야 한다. 두 은행 사이에 난 길을 약 1분 정도 걸어 들어가면 오른쪽으로 아사가 보이기 시작한다.

자리에 앉으면 카운터 너머에서 분주히 일하고 있는 직원들의 책임감과 치열함이 공기를 타고 전해져 온다. 최종적으로 내어져오는 접시 위에서 이곳의 미학이 느껴진다.

아사는 지역에서 탄탄한 팬층을 확보하고 있다. 이는 매일 열심히 손에 칼을 쥐고 맛있는 요리를 손님께 내고 있기 때문임에 틀림없다. 예약 없이 방문했다간 자리가 없을 가능성이 높기 때문에 필수로 예약하는 것이 좋다.

메뉴는 매일 손으로 쓰고 있다. 그날 들여온 재료를 어떻게 손님께 낼 것인지를 그날그날 정하고 있다는 증거다. 때문에 철저히 제철 식재료를 사용하는 것을 추구하고 있다. 자리에 앉아 메뉴를 펼치기 전에, 카운터의 재료 보관 케이스를 확인하는 것을 꼭 추천하고 싶다. 특이해 보이는 것이 있다면 손가락으로 가리켜 주문해 보자.







Work of Art Food Goodness


assorted sashimi


2200 yen and up

rolled omelet with Japanese stock


500 yen

diced steak of Nagasaki beef


1,650 yen

shrimp and mayonnaise with crispy potato


670 yen

healthy burdock salad


670 yen

Kakuni (stew of pork belly meat) and melting cheese pie


820 yen

rolled hatoshi (Nagasaki fried sandwich) with shrimp


620 yen

eel and rice steamed in bamboo steamer


750 yen

chawan-mushi; savory steamed egg custard with meat and vegetables


600 yen

yakitori of locally raised chicken


860 yen

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Nagasaki Dining Tarafuku ASA



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  • The availability of reservation will be checked after we receive this form.

  • We will notify you via email whether the reservation is available.

  • The response time to you may vary depending on the circumstances.

  • After you receive our first response, make sure to confirm to finalize your reservation.

  • Please reply to our first response and type “OK” If you need to change the detail of the reservation, please inform us by replying to this email.

  • After we confirm your final “OK”, we will officially confirm the reservation.

  • Then, we will send you the “reservation complete” mail

  • This form is only for the reservation. No inquiries of the restaurants w/o reservation are accepted.

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