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City of Seafood: Nagasaki

Nagasaki; the city is blessed with affluent bounty of nature, which once got attacked and collapsed by one drop of the Atomic Bomb but the nature did not surrender to the vicious acts of human beings. Surrounded by the sea, Nagasaki has the second largest haul of fish and is even surpassing Hokkaido: the kingdom of seafood in the number of kinds of fish. This city is especially famous for black tuna, grunts, turban shells, horse mackerels, yellow tail fish, and carp. To name a few such as famous puffer fish sashimi in Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi Prefecture and even conger eels in Kyoto Cuisine are all shipped from Nagasaki straight to restaurants or homes.

Goto Islands is located in the east of Nagasaki mainland. A good proportion of the people there still live on the primary sector of industry such as harvesting marine creatures and producing specialties. Food on the Goto Islands is nothing short of amazing. Personally, I have recently got a chance to mail-order 3 kilograms of super fresh cultured oysters sent from Kami Goto City. Look at this rich flesh. You cannot watch it without making your mouth water. Whether to steam it in the frying pan and sprinkle some citrus sauce or taste it without cooking (You must check the product information whether the oysters you got are allowed to eat without cooking) is all up to you. A springy part called “adductor muscle” that sticks to the shell is really delicious. It sure goes perfect with a glass of icy beer!!

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