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Goto Udon Noodles in Nagasaki

In Japanese society, noodles cannot be taken away from our daily meals.

Ramen is a term to refer to one kind of noodles with Chinese wheat noodles often flavored with soy sauce or miso sometimes topped with Cha Shao. Meanwhile, Udon noodles are also as popular as Ramen.

The three most popular Udon noodles are not officially acknowledged. However, people often argue that Goto Udon should also be counted within other famous Udon Noodles such as Sanuki from Kagawa Prefecture.

Goto Udon noodles are popular for their soft and chewy texture and not being easily soggy. One popular recipe is called Jigoku-Daki where these noodles are placed into a hot pot of water. People can enjoy the pure taste of noodles, scooping them up from the pot and dipping them in the thick stock.

If you have a chance to visit Nagasaki, you must try the sophisticated noodles.

Please compare them with other noodles you have ever tasted before.

You can surely feel the difference!

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