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"Curry" is in the Eye of the Beholder.

Today I would like to talk about curry restaurants in Nagasaki.

Because I am obviously an avid fan of spicy food, I often visit curry restaurants to soothe my irresistible eagerness for spiciness. Speaking of curry, there are many kinds of curry ranging from one that is familiar to Japanese people’s palate to quite authentic one such as Indian and Nepali styles.

Food development relies heavily on the environment we are living in. While there are many people who love authentic one, it is true that quite a few Japanese people like “curry rice” which has long been loved and even symbolizes “Japanese food”. Of course, it sure is not the curry you are going to imagine; you will nod your head if you have tasted Champon noodles before because it is actually not so similar to authentic Chinese tastes as Chinese people expect because they were all invented in Japan even though they were sometimes invented by people who came from places which the dish was invented. Such unique development approach also intrigues my curiosity towards those curry restaurants all the more for Japanese interesting idiosyncrasy which “nicely” interprets all the alien cultures.

Some are eager to taste the “original”. Other people make a long queue to eat “curry rice”. There is really no right account for the tastes of curry here in Japan.

If you have already visited Japan, come to the seafood kingdom Nagasaki and enjoy a wide variety of food such as seafood, of course, and do NOT forget to taste CURRY.


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