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Fresh Flesh Just Out of Fishing Net

NAGASAKI Cool focuses on the yummy side of Nagasaki.

Deciding the best place to visit, we always factor in food you have tasted during your trip.

Nagasaki boasts the second largest catch of fish in Japan.

The winding coastlines and mountainous terrains attract visitors.

No doubt there are a great number of restaurants that take pride in the freshness of the fish.

The variety of dishes, however, varies from restaurant to restaurant.

In addition to sushi restaurants and Izakaya, there are many types of restaurants out there.

Nagasaki has accepted cultures from other countries such as China, the Netherlands, and other Western countries (perhaps susceptible but completely integrated into their own culture). It is commonly called "Wa Ka Ran" culture which is peculiar to Nagasaki Prefecture.

People can enjoy delicious fish for reasonable prices.

If you try fish in Nagasaki, you should try raw fish, which is believed to be safe in Japan: the kingdom of sushi. it SURE is safe!! The local fish market sells fish for quite good deal to other cities in Japan.

They often transformed into very expensive dishes after all in luxurious restaurants. Sometimes they are even sold as their own "local specialty" in other cities!!

How I wonder how much Nagasaki contributes to food culture of Japan!

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