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Kunchi Festival

Oranda Sen (Dutch Ship Last Performance Oct. 9th 2019)

Float performance by kids

Not only adults but also little kids show their performances which apparently needs a lot of labor.

Not a single easy feat they achieve.

They start to practice and train every day for this very day several months before.

At the festival, they carry palanquins or floats, marching across the central area of Nagasaki City.

Some main roads are regulated for them to pass along the streets.

Such a big float creak to spin because of its heavy body and thick iron wheels, which empresses every spectator.

One of the most popular perfomances is called the Dragon Dance. This stems from traditional Chinese culture. You can find a lot of foreign cultures intertwined with this festival.

Therefore Nagasaki is called a city with mixture of cultures. Recently more and more historical sites have been registered as World Heritage Sites, most of which people can freely step in and a number of historically important artifacts have been found in Nagasaki City.

On our free magazine, we introduce features of Nagasaki City. Please feel free to take one and have it around during your trip as your best guide.

We are going to publish a new magazine in November. It will surely help find new ways to enjoy Nagasaki.

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