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Indispensable Item for Best Itinerary

Our free magazine for visitors NAGASAKI Cool has been circulated 100,000 pieces around the year.

We have been creating new contents such as hands-on tours and adding new dimensions to existing tours or sightseeing places.

The onus is on us to rediscover NAGASAKI and provide tourists with useful information.

It comes with useful city map on the back and various information of various facilities such as restaurants, massage salons, cafes, bars, etc.

We also help you reserve restaurants online to make sure of your seats.

Top Cover of NAGASAKI Cool→

↑Visitor from China at Spectacle Bridge

You can find our free magazine NAGASAKI Cool at a lobby in most hotels in Nagasaki City or on the front desk in the information center at Nagasaki Station or several information desks in Fukuoka.

NAGASAKI Cool must be your best friend during your trip to Nagasaki, and of course be a token of your visit to Nagasaki.

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