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Walk About Fukurobashi

Few people know the names of the stone bridges besides Meganebashi (spectacle bridge). You may want to refer to our first issue of Nagasaki Cool. On the second page, you can find our original map of stone bridges, even the Japanese don't know how to read the Chinese characters correctly.

One bridge over toward Dejima direction, you will find a small bridge called Fukurobashi. Unlike other stone bridges, this bridge received much less damage at the great flood in July, 1982. Considering this bridge was built sometime in the mid 15th century, it is a bit surprising to know cars and taxis cross this bridge up to now.

You can find the "tram cafe" now closed but still is worth of a photo shot if you walk toward the mountain from Fukurobashi. Soon before the stop sign, you will find a nice and cozy curry house. The name of the restaurant is "Fukurobashi no curry yasan."

Basically, whatever you choose, it is "oishii" (tasty). But here are some tips on how to enjoy their curry to the max.

(1) There are two kinds of extra rice: "oome" and "oomori". The former (+50g) is free of charge and the latter (+100g) is 100 yen extra.

(2) Actually, the curry they serve is not really hot. We advise you to add 2 extra mini spoon full of spice before you eat. (open the yellow lid and use the mini spoon)

Enjoy Nagasaki!


眼鏡橋の前後の石橋の名前を知っている人は地元の人でさえ意外と少ない。Nagasaki Cool創刊号の第2ページにとても便利なオリジナル地図が載っているので参考にしたい。



結果何を頼んでもうまいのだが、次の数点に注意するとよい。 (1) ごはんは「多め」(+50g)が無料、「大盛」(+100g)がプラス100円だ。 (2) そのままのカレーはあまり辛くないので、スパイスを二杯入れよう。

photo: Nagasaki Prefectual Government; Nagasaki Umakamon Blog; Google map

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