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Night time sakura viewing is also recommended

Hanami, or Sakura viewing basically is a "Matsuri".

Wherever the matsuri is, peddlers or vendors also come to provide you with tasty "B-grade gourmet"

You can enjoy night time Sakura too. The illumination helps you feel you are in a fantastic world, may be.

Lastly, here are some tips on what to choose if you are planning to eat something from the stall.

Takoyaki easy to eat, could be very hot Yakisoba you need to maneuver chopstics, your teeth can get green with aonori Corn very tasty, the fiber gets between your teeth Ika Yaki it's great but if you are the first timer, beware it is chewy Yakitori recommended. Choose a stand run by middle aged owner





たこやき   食べやすい。しかしとても熱いときがある

焼きそば   箸をうまく使う必要あり。青のりが前歯に付着する可能性あり

とうもろこし とてもおいしい。コーンの繊維が歯に詰まることがある

いか焼き   おいしい。初めての人はチューイーであることを知っておくべき

やきとり   おすすめ。中年のおじさんが焼いている店を選ぼう  

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