2 Sep 2020

Introducing some of the most popular Night View Spots!!!

7 May 2020

Nagasaki; the city is blessed with affluent bounty of nature, which once go...

28 Apr 2020

Nagasaki Embroidery

Nagasaki has its own traditional embroidery called Nagas...

21 Apr 2020

If you compare the current station to the old one, you can see the shopping...

14 Apr 2020

It is time to go and see cherry blossoms this season.

Many Japanese peo...

13 Apr 2020


Our efforts towards safet...

10 Apr 2020

Nagasaki takes pride in the technology behind its position as the second la...

8 Apr 2020

Have you ever heard of Champon Noodles which originated in Nagasaki more th...

6 Apr 2020

In Japanese society, noodles cannot be taken away from our daily meals.


2 Apr 2020

Today I would like to talk about curry restaurants in Nagasaki.

Because I am...

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